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Someone is dying or has died? What do I do?

Christian burial is the reverent committal of the deceased to the care of Almighty God, and the bodily remains to the elements from which the body came. It provides an opportunity for family and friends to remember with thankfulness the person, and to be comforted and strengthened in their bereavement. The Christian burial service combines true acknowledge of death with Christian hope, and thanksgiving to God for life.

When death comes the family should contact Rev. Cheryl at 902-225-8305 as soon as possible for pastoral support and practical help in making funeral arrangements. Click here for more information.

I want to be baptized or to bring my child to be baptized. What is the first step?

Congratulations, that is a big first step of initiation into the Christian community!

The next step is to contact Rev Cheryl at 902-225-8305 and see about the next steps.

For more information about the process, see this page from the Diocesan Bishop's Policy's and procedures.

We want to be married in the church. What is our first step?

Congratulations! Holy Matrimony is a very sacred covenant you are entering. We, at the Anglican Church, take this very seriously. To find out where you go from here, please contact Rev. Cheryl at 902-225-8305 to set up an appointment. Want to know more now? Click on this link to the Diocesan Bishop's Policy and Procedures regarding Holy Matrimony.

Same gendered couples seeking Holy Matrimony: At the current time, our rules do not allow for same gendered marriages to be performed by a priest. However, this is in progress and we look forward to the day it is. At the present time, the priest may bless a civilly married same gendered couple in a service which includes the following: Gathering the community, Scripture reading, Sermon/homily, Statement of commitment by couple, Prayers for the couple, Possible blessing of rings, Blessing of the marriage, Celebration of the Eucharist. If there is no Celebration of the Eucharist, the Lord’s Prayer may follow here followed by the Peace (Service could end here if there is not a celebration of the Eucharist). Please contact Rev. Cheryl for further information, or see the policy in full here.