St Timothy's, Hatchet Lake

St Paul's, Terence Bay, NS

An Anglican Parish inspired by God's Will to know, sow and grow.

Our Clergy

Pastor and Priest: Rev. Bonnie Skerritt

902-852-4580 (office) or 902-818-5225 (cell)

[email protected]

Deacon: Rev. Cheryl Rafuse 902-225-8305

St Timothy’s Church Council

Senior Warden, Bonnie Moran: 902-476-7447

Junior Warden, George Follett: 902-852-4438

Treasurer, Beth Follett: 902-852-4438

Secretary, Paula Pottie: 902- 852-3633

Envelope Secretary, Donna Hopkinson: 902-852-2012

Council Members

Shelley Gray: 902-852-2281

Nancy Horne: 902-852-4568

Brenda Cowie: 902-852-2025

Gillain Power

St Paul’s Church Council

Senior Warden, Trudy Cole: 902-852-2271

Treasurer, Judi Eld: 902-445-4455

Council Secretary, Lynn Kazamel-Boudreau: 902-852-3446

Envelope Secretary: Nancy Slaunwhite 902-852-3752

Council members

Shirley Little: 902-852-2481

Jim Little: 902-852-2481

Bertha Slaunwhite: 902-852-3304

Frank Kendall: 902-852-3121

LeeAnn Kendall